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What makes us

Chinese Food Restaurant North York

MADE IN GOOD, that's our motto. 

Ingredients are the soul of a dumpling, keeping the essentials of Chinese Dumpling, Enkang Dumpling upgrades their flavour by using high-quality flour, premium meat, fresh seafood, and organic vegetables. this distinguishes Enkang Dumpling from other food brands. 

Enkang Dumpling is the Best Chinese Food in North York where you will find the best menu to slake your taste buds. We are serving the best, healthy and comfort food in North York to keep our customers healthy while slaking their craving for the best Chinese food. We are a trusted Chinese restaurant in North York where you will be pleased to grab the best Fastfood in North York to eat.

Find the Best Chinese Food Restaurant that Provide Healthy Food in North York

We have a delicate menu that makes us the best restaurant in Canada. We don’t only provide Frozen Chinese Food in Toronto but also enjoy serving you as the Asian Restaurant in North York. If you are hunting for tongue-tickling food, your search will surely be over at Enkang Dumpling. What makes us the Best Restaurant in North York is our passion to serve you the best. Now, explore our menu when your heart beats for the Chinese Restaurant in North York.

Healthy and Tasty Chinese Food

Enriched Wheat Flour

Enkang Dumpling only select natural original (untouched by modern hybridization) flour to make its wrappers. This kind of flour is extra fine and well-milled. it contains a large amount of fibre and protein which brings out tender flavour once you take a bite.

Free-range Chicken

Organic-farmed with gentle companionship, the freest chickens run in the boundless pasture, spinning, jumping with eyes closed. In all the memories related to chicken, tenderness is probably memorable.

Canada AAA Beef

The beef consistently produce a juicy, tender, flavourful product that all people desire. Enkang Dumpling strictly follows the international standards and stores the meat at a temperature of minus 10 degrees to promote the natural decomposition of beed protein fibrs.

Canada AA Pork

The pork from organic ranch contains abundant protein essence, which unleashes the best taste after Enkang Dumpling's careful cooking. Without extra fats and tendons, only top few percent qualify for the prime selection. 

Thailand Whiteleg Shrimp

Originated in Thailand, the Whiteleg Shrimp have been continuously improved to achieve an excellent balance between quality and nutrition. Enkang Dumpling chooses the freshest Whiteleg Shrimp, each shrimp reaching lengths of nearly 6 inch (15cm).

Mediterranean Deep-sea Fish

Widely considered by chefs to be the tastiest of all fish, Mediterranean sea bream has a wonderfully clean taste and satisfyingly meaty texture. Only 50%finest part of the whole fish can be selected by Enkang Dumpling. To retain the flavour of the original taste, all processing is done by hand.

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11:00 am - 9:00 pm

4750 Yonge strEET

North York, ON M2N 5M6