meet enkang

Run by the same team behind Enkang Dumpling, one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Waterloo, ON.


In the past five years, Enkang Dumpling has been transformed into a chain restaurant with a developed central kitchen. This is benefit to Enkang Dumpling's philosophy: we only use fresh, clean, and high-quality ingredients to show the authentic flavour of natural food. 


Since we are committed to the fast-paced lifestyle of Toronto, we chose to abandon the traditional restaurant model and develop our own ordering system. Enkang Dumpling in Toronto will become the first restaurant in Canada to offer dumplings through a fast-food model. 


This is an emotional time for all of us. We believe that as Enkang Dumpling grows, it will change the Chinese restaurant industry in Canada. We believe that people will very soon witness the Chinese restaurant industry achieving a new peak in its history. We also believe that one day, everyone will fall in love with Enkang Dumpling, a food brand that was born, sprouted, and is based in Toronto. 

As always, your continued patronage and suggestions are a vital part of our growth for with we are most grateful. We look forward to serving you for many years to come.