An ultimate guide to make dumpling filling at home

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

People say. "Dumpling is a complete meal in one bite," and indeed, we agree. Through dumplings, you can provide your body with lots of vegetables and proteins in dipping form. Based on the simplicity, dumplings hold the same cult status that burgers and tacos have in America. People admire endless iterations, especially in this Chinese canon, but never give up the thought of making sturdy yet delicate wrappers, that can even scare off some of the confident home cooks.

In this venture, they forget that the entire taste of dumpling depends on its filling than on its wrapper. The great filling is essential to make a successful dumpling. Therefore, we have a guide that will offer you great tips, ideas, and troubleshooting tricks. For your reference we have shared examples of four dumplings, please look into it.

If someone asks you what makes a dumpling filling great? Then indeed, the answer would be the delicate balance between the main ingredients and a great combination of flavors. Don’t forget the moist and juicy texture that makes it so tempting.

If you are willing to make Chinese regional dumpling fillings with a combination of different ingredients, then we are here listing a few popular options.

Make dumpling filling at home

Zhong Shui Jiao is made up of minced pork and served with hot and spicy sauce. In the Northeast region of China, Chinese sauerkraut dumplings and pork is a local specialty. Hot and sour dumpling soup is the most famous dumpling dish in Xi'an's history in which dumplings are filled with yellow Chinese chive and beef. In general, all the families in Beijing enjoy Chinese and pork leek filling.

Steamed crab Roe dumpling is the specialty of Yangzhou in Jiangsu Province. In China's Muslim community, lamp dumplings are quite popular, which are usually paired with Chinese cabbage or carrot.

Now you have understood dumplings become different from each other due to its filling. Further, its filling holds the profound influence of the province, which can't be overlooked.

What can be used in Dumplings as filling?

There are so many options when it comes to the dumpling fillings. All you have to use power of your imagination to add ingredients that you find fancy. Apart from fish, seafood, and meat, you can use your regional specialties to introduce local taste in dumplings. Vegetables also play a vital role in filling. They are either mixed with fish/meat/seafood or stand on their own. Chinese chive, Chinese cabbage, courgette, daikon, carrot, stem lettuce, tomato, celery, cucumber, coriander, spinach, bamboo shoot, fennel leaves, and the list goes on.

We have something for the vegetarian version of dumpling fillings too. For the source of protein, you can add tofu and egg to the filling. For adding eggs, don't forget to scramble them before cutting it into small pieces before mixing it with other essential ingredients.


To use tofu in dumpling filling, drain excess water as much as possible beforehand. If you are using soft tofu, it is better to blanch it in boiling water for a few minutes. It will help it stay shape without getting mushy.

Here we are recommending a few more unusual ingredients to add in dumpling fillings:

  • Dried papery shrimp or dried shrimp to add delectable fishy flavor in the filling, add a little if you find that excessively dried shrimp filling taste rather bland.

  • Shiitake mushroom is a magical ingredient as its unique taste can effectively elevate your dumpling filling's deliciousness.

  • Wood ear mushroom doesn't have its taste, but it can be used to offer springy texture.

  • Water chestnut has its own earthy, sweet, and crunchy texture. It can be an excellent addition to the filling.

  • If you are among those who love the taste of herbs like dill and coriander, you can add a little to your filling.

How can you fix a wet filling in your dumpling?

It is vital to make the filling moist, but you might encounter a problem when using vegetables. Indeed, if the filling is too wet, this makes the dumpling assembling too challenging. To minimize this potential problem, here are a few suggestions:-

If you are preparing veggie and meat filling:-

Vegetable Dumpling Filling

Add a little salty to the properly diced vegetables then leave it to rest for 10 minutes or more. This process will draw out extra liquid from the mixture and squeeze it before using it. After this, add the vegetables and meat at the last moment when you are ready for the assemble dumplings. This will reduce the probability of more liquid from coming out from vegetables.

If you are preparing the vegetable filling:-

You can use the same method, which is explained above, to draw the liquid coming out of vegetables. Aside from this, you can add chopped sweet potato glass noodles or mung bean vermicelli to the filling. You can add them without any stress, as it is best for absorbing moisture. Scrambled eggs are another option which does the same job as well as adds another layer of flavor.

If the filling becomes too wet, then you have expected.

  • Hold the mixing bowl and tilt it to allow the liquid to flow from one corner to another.

  • Squeeze the filling with the help of a spoon before placing it into the wrapper.

In case you don't want to follow the above-shared rules:-

Don't leave the filling to sit too long before the assembly.

Once your dumplings are ready to freeze or cook them immediately, otherwise, moisture from the filling will make the wrapper wet and therefore make it difficult to tear.

We have explained you every minute detail essential to make perfect dumpling. So in future you want to make dumpling at your home, don’t forget to use the above shared tips. If you have cooking skills and want to try new things then you will certainly find this post interesting. We have tried our best to bring out tips and tricks to make your dish perfect. So what do you think? Give a try to dumplings atleast.

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