Top 8 Asian dishes that are a must try

Updated: Jan 22

Asia is the vast area with many flavors, cultures and influences. It makes it hard to pick typical Asian dishes. Luckily there are several Asian dishes which are popular in more than one country in Asia as well as among westerners.

Some of these Asian dishes are even more popular that there is war among foodies about its inventions, and country which claim its credit of origin.

Here for your reference we have listed top 8 Asian dishes along with reason why they are so delicious:-

1. Dumplings

Chinese Dumplings

Not just Chinese but all types of people across the world like to eat dumplings. In China people prefer to eat dumplings during Lunar New Year. They are ready to have dumplings for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No matter you are visiting any corner of the world; you will still find Chinese dumplings in the food menu. However if you want to know what is the basic definition of dumpling, then we will say it is bit tricky , as across the globe all shape, size and filling of dumplings are available. So the way of defining it is also different, but in simple words we can explain it as loosely thought of dough that is loosely wrapped around the filling savory or sweet, steamed, boiled or fried. Dumplings can be a part of your meal as it is simple to prepare, but each dumpling has different origin, therefore every person has their own reason for eating it.

2. Fish Balls

Fish balls are probably most popular dish for Asian. It holds the same position in the life of Asian what hot dogs holds for Americans. Fish balls don’t have the testicles of fish, as it is made up of pressed or pulverized fish meat that can be easily eaten as a soup or on the stick. These fish balls are mainly available at street vendors or Asian hawkers’ stalls everywhere in the region. Fish balls are served fried, cooked or steamed are considered as cheap or small snacks for in between. In some countries it is even renowned as poor man dish. Nevertheless fish balls are quite popular in Asia. Mainly they are eaten on their own, dipped or marinated in sauce or when coming in a bowl-mixed with noodles, rice or even tofu.

For fragrance and taste vinegar, sweet soy sauce, garlic or spring onions are added.

3. Laksa


It is a spicy noodle soup which is claimed to be invented by Singaporeans. However it is more likely to be derived from Malay/Chinese culture. The story behind the name Laksa is unknown, but is widely popular not only in Malaysia, Singapore but also in Australia and beyond.

Laksa is like an explosion of taste and sense. Laksa is prepared in more watery like soup texture while some prefer it thick with as few liquids as possible. If you belong to Singapore then you can write a while essay of the essential ingredients to prepare Laksa. If you are Laksa lover then you might agree on the following ingredients like thick noodles, tofu, fish stick, coconut based curry soup, bean sprouts and shrimps. Sometime you can substitute sea food ingredients with hard boiled eggs or chicken.

4. Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice is a plain, simple and straight-forward dish, which is mainly eaten in Thailand, Singapore, China and Malaysia. It is boiled with white chicken and served with white rice and other fresh condiments like eggs, lettuce or cucumber. Hainanese Chicken Rice is lesser spicy Asian dish but there is a deep science in its creation. It come with a clear chicken broth or soup as accompanying soup is one of the signature dishes which is claimed by more than one country. In this dish chicken is boiled in its stock completely with its bones and everything which is used over and over again to gain the desired taste. Its dip consist of chopped chili, ginger or sweet soya to add in the taste.

5. Dim Sum

Chinese dishes are not just popular in their native place but also in other Asian countries. After all the avid Chinese travelers and migrants since ages has been the substantial part of every population in Asian countries.

From the region they travel, they brought back plenty of flavors and local dishes, and one of those favorites are Dim Sum. It is light but really hard to describe delicacies which are highly popular in all Asian countries right from Vietnam to Philippines, Malaysia to Indonesia and others. The word Dim Sum means little token describing little treasure of Chinese food hidden away in steamer basket, filled with steamed buns or other little dished served on the small plates.

This dish is mainly served with tea and has sweet, hearty or plain taste. The serving is with plenty of varieties but of small portion.

It seems as if one has goal to try many different tastes in shortest possible time then Dim Sum can be ordered from the menu.

6. Fried Rice (nasi goreng)

Fried Rice (nasi goreng)

Rice is counted among the staple diet in every Asian country. In general it is cooked plain white with saffron or coconut sauce and eaten fresh or with veggies or whatever meat comes along. So what one can do with the leftover rice few days later? Yes you guessed it right Nasi Goreng in this simply throw everything into wok, fry it nicely with vegetable oil, add soya sauce, garlic, other spicy food to cover the plain taste and serve it in the separate dish.

Well certainly this dish is prepared not to let any food come to waste. Fried rice has its own delicacy; it is cheap and tasty dish in all Asian countries and come with meat, veggies or different sambals. If one wants then he can add eggs, prawn crackers to have full meal.

7. Tom Yum soup

This watery something in bowl is highly popular in all over Asian and especially in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. It come as an appetizer, main dish, and thin soup or can be eaten with or without rice. But has the more spicy and sour taste with heavy use of smashed tamarind, lime and lemon grass.

Add seafood to it, most popular sea food meat is prawn, fish pieces or squid or nowadays even mixed with chicken or vegetables like coriander leaves or oyster mushrooms.

If you are Westerner and willing to boost you home cooking skills then you can try Tom Yum soup.

8. Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry

Chicken curry is the universal dish that you can easily find in every Asian menu. Rich and tasty chicken curry is come in all kinds of tastes, variations, colors readily available all over the Asia which are heavily used to create curry dishes. But what you will have in your plate in the name of curry look and taste entirely depends on the country you are in.

Curry dishes are not restricted to chicken but seems to the most popular with it.

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